7 Things Doctors Don’t Tell New Mom’s


During your pregnancy, you obsessed over every new change in your body and belly. For nine months, you practiced prenatal yoga, ate all the right foods, and were followed by a whole team of health professionals. But then what? You give birth and suddenly …. You. Are. A. Mom.

You have a new baby and you’re busy navigating all the new lessons of parenthood. But you also have a new body. A mom’s body. It’s beautiful. And just like your prenatal body, this one needs nourishing. The truth is, women get great medical care during pregnancy. But once a woman has a baby, her focus shifts to caring for her new little one and her own health tends to suffer.

It’s during this post-postpartum, post-bliss stage that many new moms need to heed their doctor’s advice. As a naturopathic physician and women’s health expert, I see firsthand how often women post-partum suffer from deficiencies, sadness, weakness, and pain. Many doctors don’t cover this information and only usually share it when prompted. Here are 7 things you need to know to feel your best postpartum:



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