Foods to consume after giving birth

Happy mother with newborn baby

Consider eating these foods after giving birth:

1.Pasta: One of the best foods for new mothers to consume after delivery is pasta. It is not only high in calories but also high in energy too, which is required for you to enjoy after hours of labour.

2.Cheese: The next best healthy food for you to consume after giving birth is cheese. This dairy product is high in calcium which is good for you to enjoy especially if you are breastfeeding.

3.Citrus fruits: There are a lot of citrus fruits of which you can consume after you have given birth. Oranges, pineapples, grapes are some of them. However, you should consume to a minimum as it can bring about the onset of a cold.

4.Sunflower seeds: It is said that sunflower seeds have a lot of folic acids which is good for you to consume after pregnancy. Consume a handful of sunflower seeds before you are about to breastfeed. It will help to increase the flow of milk.

5.Coffee: During pregnancy, women are asked to stay away from coffee as it will affect the growth of the foetus. But after giving birth, you can have a cup of coffee as it will help you feel relaxed. Coffee also helps to give you energy which is needed post delivery.

6.Milk: It is a must have food for new mothers to consume post delivery. Milk is rich in calcium which is good for mothers who are breastfeeding. One glass of milk should be consumed an hour before breastfeeding your newborn.

7.Leafy veggies: It is said that leafy vegetables is a must have healthy foods post delivery. New mothers should have a balanced diet rich in Vitamin K as it will help the baby to absorb the iron contents through breast milk.

8.Fish: Omega-3 fatty acids which is commonly found in fatty fish like salmon and tuna can help in your baby’s brain and eye development. Experts say that nursing moms should eat no more than two servings per week of these types of fish.

9.Healthy Carbohydrates: You need a lot of carbohydrates to regain all the lost energy. Some of the best and healthy carbohydrates which nursing mothers can consume after delivery is brown rice or barley.

10.Granola: This is one of the healthiest and best foods for new mothers to consume after delivery. Granola contains a lot of fibre which is good for the bowel system. It also helps to build muscle and strength.

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