Mommy Hospital Bag Checklist


Being prepared for the birth of your child is extremely important.  It is recommended to have your bags packed and in your car by 35 weeks.  It is always good to ask your hospital in advance what items they provide for new born’s so that you can remove these items from your list, making room for other important items.

For Labor

1. A picture ID, insurance card and any paperwork needed.

2. Your birth plan.

3. Eyeglasses.

4. Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, lip balm, deodorant, brush or comb, hair band.

5. A nightgown or robe, and slippers or socks.

6. Anything that will help you relax; your own pillow, relaxing music, a picture of a loved one.

For your labor partner

1. camera, video camera, memory card, charger,

2. Toiletries

3. comfortable shoes and clothes

4. money for parking and vending machines.

5. a bathing suit if your hospital offers water births.

After you deliver

1. A list of people to call; your cell phone and charger

2. Snacks

3. nursing bras or comfortable bras

4. photos of your other children

5. gifts for older children

6. a notepad and a pen or pencil to keep track of your babies feeding.

7. going home outfit.

For your baby

1. An installed car seat

2. a receiving blanket

3. going home outfit

4. Your baby book.

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