Woman goes to work with mild stomach pain and gives birth by the afternoon

It was supposed to be just another ordinary day. When Sara Currin woke up May 1 with mild stomach pains, she dismissed it as something minor and went to work as normal.

But by 4.30pm, she was holding her new baby in her arms. And the 25-year-old Australian, who has lived in the UK since 2012, had no idea she was even pregnant, let alone at 37 weeks.

The former Brisbane resident said despite feeling ‘a little bit off’ in the morning, it was not until about 11am that stomach pains grew strong enough to worry her, The Courier Mail reported.

By 1pm the pain was so serve, Ms Currin decided she needed to go home.

Fearing the pain was appendicitis, Ms Currin eventually called an ambulance and arrived at hospital by 2.30pm. Two hours later she had given birth to healthy 2.7-kilogram baby girl Brooke.

‘I definitely didn’t think I was pregnant, that was for sure. We called the ambulance and I said “I think I have appendicitis” and they weren’t sure either,’ the new mum said.

When she arrived at the hospital, Ms Currin was initially told the pain could have been a result of a stomach bug.

‘It wasn’t until the midwives were like “no, feel here”, and said I was fully dilated. They started telling me to push, and I said “push what? What are you talking about?”,’ she said.

Ms Currin said she was both shocked and scared at not knowing what was happening.

Naming her little girl Brooke, the proud mother said she and partner James could not be happier with their new addition, and that James had taken to fatherhood well.

Despite being 37 weeks pregnant at the time of the birth, Ms Currin said she hadn’t noticed any pregnancy symptoms. She says she put on a slight amount of weight, but not enough to make her think she was expecting.

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